Say, “My Lord, increase me in knowledge!”

Quran 20:114

The Boxed Set

Becoming familiar with the Islamic tradition can be overwhelming for the new Muslim. The Being Muslim Boxed Set provides a collection of reliable, introductory materials for new Muslims starting their journey of seeking knowledge.

Start your library of essentials.

The ocean of knowledge in the Islamic tradition can be quite overwhelming for the new Muslim. The Boxed Set includes a collection of reliable, introductory materials which removes the guesswork for the new Muslim of where to begin.

The Prayer Rug

The Prophet ﷺ taught us that performing the prayer in its appointed time is the best of deeds. To help establish the foundational practice of prayer, the Boxed Set includes a beautiful prayer rug. Designed in Turkey, this rug offers the new Muslim a clean, comfortable place to pray.

The Daily Prayer: Pocket Card

Our color-coded, step-by-step pocket guide summarizes the key components of preparing for and performing the five daily prayers. Designed with the new Muslim in mind, the pocket guide includes everything one needs to do and say to complete the prayer (with English transliteration).

The Being Muslim Boxed Set


User Guide: Instructions and practical advice on how to best use the starter library and other materials.

The Quran: An English Translation by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem. A modern English translation of Islam’s holy book in clear, accessible language. MSRP $12.95

Muhammad: A Prophet for our Time by Karen Armstrong. A brief and balanced portrait of the blessed Prophet Muhammad’s life. MSRP $15.99

Purification of the Heart by Hamza Yusuf.  A modern classic, this book introduces readers to the Islamic discipline that addresses the spiritual and psychological ailments and details their remedies. MSRP $25.00

Being Muslim: A Practical Guide by Asad Tarsin. An introductory guide that presents the basics of Islamic creed, devotional practices, and spirituality in clear and easy to understand language. MSRP $16.95

Daily Prayer Pocket Reference. An exclusive color-coded pocket card summarizing the essential components of prayer with full, English transliteration (8-panel color coded). MSRP $1.75

Prayer Rug. Beautifully designed and imported from Turkey (color varies). MSRP $14

Items come carefully packed in a custom designed 10″ x 9″ x 4″ full-color gift box.

Retail Price: $95.00 USD


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