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being muslim


The Book

A book written to help Muslims live and practice their faith.

The Boxed Set

A collection of reliable, introductory materials which removes the guesswork of where to begin.

The Daily Prayer

A pocket guide that summarizes the key components of preparing for and performing the five daily prayers.


Curated resources for Muslims at any stage of their journey.

Make A Gift

The Being Muslim Project has partnered with a network of communities across the country to support new Muslims. These members of our community often have little guidance to begin their journey. These grassroots efforts are often under-funded and need materials to continue to provide exceptional convert care to the people who continue to embrace Islam on a daily basis.

You can help. Sponsor a Boxed Set today for a new Muslim. Together, we can ensure that the newest members of our community get the support they need on their lifelong journey of learning their religion.

Need to request a donated box? Reach Out.

Our Mission

The Being Muslim Project is dedicated to empowering converts and beginner Muslims through education that enables practically living Islam in a sustainable way. We carry this out through various means such as producing classes, educational programs, learning materials, books, and videos. To ensure an inclusive and wide reach, we work with communities at the grassroots level across the United States and in several parts of the world.

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