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A team with a vision

The Being Muslim Project is dedicated to empowering converts and beginner Muslims through education that allows them to practically live Islam in a way that is sustainable. We carry this out in various ways such as producing classes, educational programs, learning materials, books, and videos. We work with communities at the grassroots level across the United States and in several parts of the World.

How it Started

In 2006, an earnest young man converted to Islam without hesitation at all … and without any background. As those around him began to search for resources to support him as a new Muslim, it became clear that few, if any, materials were written with a true beginner in mind. From there, the concept for the book Being Muslim; A Practical Guide by Asad Tarsin was born. Later, a series of classes were held based on early drafts of the book that served both new and lifelong Muslims looking to reconnect with the foundations of the faith.

Within several years, by God’s grace, Being Muslim: A Practical Guide was published. It soon became clear to many just how underserved this space was—there is still a great need to support beginners in learning how to practice Islam and how to implement it in their daily lives. Seeking new ways to serve new and beginner Muslims, a small group of dedicated volunteers formed The Being Muslim Project.

Interested in joining the team? Reach out to us here.